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  • CBSE School in Ahmedabad
  • CBSE School in Ahmedabad
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Senior Secondary (XI -XII)

Taxonomy is designed to help teachers understand and implement standards-based curriculums and clarify the level and type of activities to be undertaken. These objectives that allow students to analyze, evaluate be creative. The knowledge dimension exemplified further help the teaching – learning process.

Kalorex School Taxonomy

Keeping the objective of Kalorex Taxonomy, activities are designed to help students go through a varied experience. The ISA (International Student Award) programme furnishes the interdisciplinary aspect where students are involved in group activities and learning process not only within the school but in exchange with of other countries. Under the umbrella of flipped learning, students are exposed to new pedagogies like de Bono’s six Thinking Hats, Reciprocal Learning, Role Plays, PPTs and Group Discussions. The interactive board supports research based education along with web diagrams for academic augmentation.

The canopy of ISC (International Students Cell) provides Internships and Career Counselling to students to further them in the process of Goal Setting. 


Senior Section, DPS Bopal walks regally ahead…

An energetic team of result-oriented teachers and students connect to form the Senior Section of DPS Bopal. Students vie to get a chance and gather experience in this holistic atmosphere. With a plethora of choices in subject options for all three streams, the Senior Section boasts of an excellent standard of education with well-qualified and dedicated teachers. It prepares students to become global learners through project-based learning, hands-on experience, seminars and workshops.

The academic excellence is supported by a range of co-curricular activities and sports. Summer Internships are planned with the objective to provide students with an exposure to the ‘real world’. Moreover, Club Activities provide an opportunity to indulge in their preferences, pursue their hobbies and develop with a professional aptitude. Introducing students to the culture and tradition of our country, we provide interactive sessions with world renowned artists as role models for a resolute life. Career counseling sessions with a special ‘International Student Cell’ offers them an assortment of colleges and universities across the globe. We are proud that a huge number of students from DPS Bopal get into acclaimed foreign universities. The Senior Section, with its conducive educational atmosphere, makes every day a challenge for both teachers and the taught. 



Optional Combinations


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (041), Computer Science


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics(041), Economics


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (041), Physical Education


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (041), Commercial Arts


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (041)


Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Informatics Practices


Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Physical Education


Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Applied Mathematics (241)


Political Science, History, Psychology, Economics


Political Science, History, Commercial Arts, Applied Mathematics (241)


Political Science, History, Psychology, Commercial Arts


Political Science, History, Economics, Applied Mathematics (241)


Political Science, History, Psychology, Home Science


Political Science, History, Economics, Home Science


Political Science, History, Psychology, Hindustani Vocal Music


Political Science, History, Economics, Hindustani Vocal Music


Political Science, History, Commercial Arts, Home Science


Political Science, History, Commercial Arts, Hindustani Vocal Music


ALP- Z Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (041), Computer Science


ALP- Z Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (041), Physical Education


The following vocational subjects are available as the 6th Subject

A. Marketing

B. Mass Media Studies

C. Business Administration

D. Information Technology

E. Banking

F. Artificial Intelligence

  • INVALID Subject combinations:
  1. Informatics Practices and Computer Science
  2. Information Technology and Computer Science
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
  4. Informatics Practices and Artificial Intelligence
  5. Informatics Practices and Information Technology
  6. Business Studies and Business Administration
  7. Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology