Hall Of Fame


Dev Bhatia  

Dev Bhatia has achieved All India Rank 18 and Gujarat state rank 1 in NEET-UG 2023. In JEE-Mains 2023 attained 98.82 percentile and also scored state ranking 11 in NASTA 2019.
Dev received admission in AIIMS Delhi and is persuing his MBBS from the prestigious institute.





Paridhi Bhambhani  

Paridhi is city topper and secured 98.6% in grade Xll AISSCE
A mind ruled by creativity and pragmatism, Paridhi is an ardent researcher and orator. Being the director of the MUN club at DPS Boapl, she has organised, participated and chaired several conferences in the past 6 years. She represented an MLA at first ever Youth Model Assembly organized at the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha and was in several news interviews with News 18 Gujarati, GTPL news and India TV. She has also co-authored two anthologies named 'She' and 'Lost & Found'. Her humility coupled with an exceptional grip over various subjects is what makes her stand out.





Prem Chhatbar  

Prem secured 97.4% in grade XII AISSCE and 91.6% in grade X AISSE.
He got admission into University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK in Business Management.





Vedika Mittal  

Vedika secured 97.4% in grade XII AISSCE and 91.6% in grade X AISSE. She got admission to Sriram College of commerce Delhi and Perusing CA (Cleared foundation). Secured First positon in SPARK competition and Best Advertisement in DPS ka Baazigar. Selected in top 100 in Young tycoon business challenge 2022. Got certificate of appreciation by entrepreneurship development institute of India.





Arshia Adhya  

Arshia Adhya secured 97.6% in grade Xll AISSCE. Since joining the school in 2019, Arshia Adhya has developed all sorts of skills and has time and again put them to the test. Besides being a skilled Guitarist and an enthusiastic football player, Arshia has displayed her affection for creative writing on more than one occasion, the most remarkable one being a script she wrote for a virtual play in 2020. She has also written tech-articles for the school magazine, combining her love for technology and writing.





Prachi Jindal  

Prachi was the State topper with 99.8% (AIR 2) in grade X AISSE. She was invited by the Ministry of Education to witness the Republic Day Parade from the PM Box. A KVPY fellow and NTSE scholar, International rank 1 in ITHO, Zonal rank 1 in ABHO, she secured 98.2% in grade XII AISSCE.





Sangini Gandhi   

Sangini Gandhi secured 97.8% in grade Xll AISSCE with a perfect 100 in Mathematics and Biology. She scored 98.6% in grade X AISSE.






Ashlesha Ratnaparkhi  

Ashlesha secured 97.8% in grade Xll AISSCE and 95.6% in grade X AISSE.






Shubham Garg  

Shubham Garg secured 97.6% in grade Xll AISSCE with a perfect 100 in Business Studies and 95.6% in grade X AISSE.






Nandna Nair  

Nandana Nair secured 97.2% in grade Xll AISSCE.






Bharat Khandelwal  

Bharat kandelwal AIR 5 in IIT -advance, State Rank-I in IIT main & advance, Top rank for IIT –Mumbai. He secured 97.2% in Class XII Board. A Science student Bharat has always bagged awards in IT/Science Quiz and Olympiads. 





Anchal Sharma  

A CITY TOPPER Anchal Sharma who joined school in Jr Kg has scored an over whelming 97.8% in XII board exam with 100/100 in Political Science and Psychology. She has been an all rounder, a state level Badminton player and exponent in Hindustani Classical music, and also a member of school cabinet. 





Darshini Bhavikbhai Shah

The city and school topper Darshini Shah, a scholar with consistent performance, has secured 97.6% (Science) in XII board examination with 100/100 in Psychology. A sincere and focused student, Darshini is a voracious reader and an inquisitive learner who enjoys analysing situations and producing quality results.She aspires to become a psychiatrist.





Aashvi Purvangbhai Shah

The State and City Topper, Aashvi P. Shah has scored an over whelming 97.4% (Humanities) in XII board exam with 100/100 in Psychology. She is a focused and self inspired student who strives for perfection. She has been an all-rounder. She has participated in various quizzes, the Youth Parliament and been an active member of the Entrepreneur club. She aspires to join government service. 





Sonam Chhomo

City topper Sonam Chhomo secured an overwhelming 97.8% in class 12 cbse boards . A hardworking and determined student , she participated in various school activities . She aspires to become a successful civil servant.





Adit Shah  

Adit Shah Student of Delhi Public School-Bopal,Ahmedabad of class 11-D Participated In CBSE National Table Tennis tournament held at Kaushalya World School, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh from 19 to 24 November 2018 and emerged as champion in Under-17 Mixed Doubles category.